Covid Pandemic Delta Variant – How to Approach your Marketing

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About Us

As a company, MicroHub strives to adapt to the times we are living in. We offer marketing solutions and we connect our clients to their target markets whilst converting consumers into fans of the various products and services, all part of our business ecosystem.

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Our Solutions

As much as we believe digital marketing is the future, we still believe it’s important to have human to human marketing that’s why we have blended marketing solutions.

H2H Connection:

Human to Human Connections are made via strategic utility campaigns in relevant niche marketing channels.

Open the doors to future value creation

How does this ECOSYSTEM MARKETING work?

We utilize the product or service value of various partners and the experiences and story of a micro influencers  to create a combined marketing voice. The result is a utility media stream aimed to reach a specific niche through content which inspire, inform and educate consumers.

We create content that is


and Authentic


in Context


in their Micro Economy

Grow your brand

Latest niche channels we offer

With this niche channel, we speak to a larger audience that follows a certain segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.  This channel will make sure that your brands’ voice will be heard by the right audience. 

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