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We believe there is amazing value & potential in digital marketing, with cheaper ROI, greater reach, easier accessibility & many more, it just makes sense. But we don’t believe it’s the be-all and end-all.

We believe in a blended approach, people love people, and people want real they want authentic, they don’t want fake. That’s why we have a H2H (Human to Human) Connection Solution where we help your brand connect with the correct people & market participants.

Our whole strategy from the websites we design to the H2H Campaigns we run focuses on real, relevant, relatable & authentic.

Microhub One

Websites & marketing is a team sport! MicroHub One will provide you with the comfort of having a specialized support team behind your business that can manage a well-structured marketing strategy and grow your brand. The package is designed to be affordable, yet highly effective in growing your business ecosystem and reaching more customers.
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Utility Media

Utility media should me seen as an investment in a companies brand. Quality content helps to attract new audiences and decrease acquisition costs.

Ecosystem Management

We offer businesses who are wel positioned within a ecosystem of suppliers, distributors & customers an ecosystem marketing strategy to create value from the colloborative momentum - 1 to reach bigger audiences & 2 - to save marketing costs

Events Management

Using events as a marketing channel gives potential customers a unique, firsthand interaction with the company and a true sense of the company's focus, perspective, and personality.

Domains & Hosting

'n Domain name & Hosting is essential to begin your digital journey as a business. It gives you a unique identity to show your customers who you are.


Your website needs to be the best sales person on the team. We make sure it puts out the right message to the right people.


Analytics is about tracking data, turning it into information for the client & providing insights into how the business can grow into the future by enhancing this information.

Social Media

We analize each client social media audience to develop a tailored strategy by using Real, Relevant and Relatable content

Digital Advertising

We offer digital advertising on social media platforms, podcasts, YouTube videos or even digital newspapers or magazines.


SEO is the process of improving your site to increase visibility for relevant searches. The result is, good SEO will attract potential clients to your website over time. But it is something that takes time to build up.

Content Creation

Our creative team is great at writing & creating content that is relevant to your business. Potentially attracting new clients & business.

Design & Branding

Keeping your brand identity professional & consistent is critical for future growth.

Photo & Videography

We offer light authentic Photo and Video Creation for all marketing needs.

Marketing Plans

The benefits of setting up long term goals and time frames for your marketing activities are endless. We combine our services and to offer Marketing Plans which map out a long term strategy.

Marketing Research

Quantitative research is a powerful tool for anyone looking to learn more about their market and customers. It allows you to gain reliable, objective insights from data and clearly understand trends and patterns.

Digital Magazine

A Digital Magazines is an intensely engaging way to hold a reader's interest and guide them spefic on the web. We offer Micro Magazines for all area and niche channels.

Skills Training

Marketing is a vital requirement for business growth. Our Smarketing 101 course will povide you with sales and marketing skills to make you streetwise in a modern day business environment

Deliveries & Distribution

We are in the process of partnering with a logistics company to deliver & distribute our clients products.

Community Online Shops

Our Community Online shops focuses on delivering local products in very short time spans. Creating a shop for local communities.
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