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Breaking through the clutter on social media might be the biggest challenge of modern marketing strategies. It is estimated that the average person sees more than 2000 adverts per day and the figure is growing rapidly. Chances are now better than ever that your marketing message will be browsed away into the darkness of internet history without making any impact.

To make it even worse is the various opinions and misperceptions around social media as people tend to see it as a quick fix to sell and only create advertising pages.

The reality is that it takes a well-planned strategy and the mindset to think like a media company if you want to succeed and convert social media marketing into sales.

Here are 3 guidelines to get you going in the right direction:

  1. Connection First
    Marketing is ultimately about people .. not things. Your digital strategy will only succeed if you mirror the connection between your business and clients. People follow people. Make sure you go out there and mould relationships that you can showcase when you build a digital marketing strategy. Don’t be in love with your own business – be in love with your customers.
  2. Be Beautiful but Real
    Make sure your online presence is beautiful but not a fake fest. Avoid stock images. Consumers seek a seamless experience between online and reality. Rather spend energy and money on creating your own media as to downloading the same photo of the same model your competition use.
  3. Keep it simple.
    Simple sell! Internet users just don’t have the mind space for bells and whistles anymore. You only have a few seconds to be seen – use it wisely.

Use the guideline to help you grow your business significantly. Not only can you avoid becoming irrelevant, but you can also establish yourself as a market leader.


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